Work with us

We’ve been producing professional videos, photos and websites for tourism for over 5 years.

How can we work together?

We’re looking for accommodation partners and experience partners, to showcase your product from a family’s perspective.

What will you get?

This all depends on what you need!

Quality family-oriented content (photos and/or video) to use however you like. Websites, social media, print collateral… anywhere.

What can you choose from?

  • Photos (GoPro style or professional DSLR)
  • Videos (social ‘GoPro’ style, or professional looking video suitable for ads – like cinema)
  • Drone photography
  • 360 degree images, useful for showing off a space (such as caravan park amenities, entertainment rooms, playgrounds etc)

What will it cost?

Let’s have a chat about how we can work together to ensure you get what you need from the partnership. We’re can work on a contra basis, paid partnerships, or a mix of both. It all depends on how much content and what type you need and the value of your product or experience (if contra is involved).

Who have we worked with?

Over the years we’ve produced heaps of content for tourism. We’ve taken underwater footage swimming with dolphins and seals, planned shoots in theme parks, shot ads (and a safety video) for a ferry, worked with countless wineries and breweries, and worked with caravan parks to fully update their look and feel.

We’ve also worked with regional tourism organizations, and councils to help promote regions and attractions.

Our travel updates

How we’re earning a living on the road. How we’re schooling the kids. What we’re learning, what we’ve seen, and how we’re going finding that next place we’d like to live for a while.